STAR - Super Talented Actors Rasslin'

STAR is another original musical by HEART and inspired by the Netflix series, GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling). HEART's productions feature some of Charleston's top musicians and vocalists together with the HEARTists. STAR covers songs by Queen, Bon Jovi, Panic at the Disco, Leslie Gore, Marvin Gaye, LL Cool J and more!

We had around 600 people in attendance for our STAR performance with over 100 honored guests from group homes and other organizations that serve people with special needs. We are thrilled to have such awesome support for inclusion in the Charleston arts community. We continue to receive rave reviews including this one below from a first time attendee and friend of a HEART parent;

“I was amazed and enthralled. I could see nuances in the show that allowed each individual performer to capitalize on their strengths and interests in a way that motivated them and also honored their human dignity. I could also see the wonderful, heartfelt relationships that have developed among the cast. I was beyond moved by the whole experience.”

STAR follows a group of out-of-work actors and actresses who take a life-line on an ambitiously pitched wrestling show run by a B-movie director with something to prove to the world, William “Alright, Alright” Simmons and a local soft-spoken, trust-fund kid and wrestling fanatic, Jimmy “The Boss” Miller. When a real wrestler, Reba “The Italian Tickler” Abele joins the team, things begin to look promising for this downcast group.

HEART is a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides visual arts, music, dance, and performing arts mentorships for adults with special needs who want to develop and identify as artists. We are an inclusive arts community made up of artists of all abilities. Together, we create art that enriches and strengthens our community and makes us all happier and healthier.