HEART Mentors

HEART would not exist without our loving, dedicated, and talented mentors. Meet the HEART DREAM team.


Farrah Hoffmire

Founding Director

Farrah started HEART while volunteering teaching yoga to a group of adults with special needs and learning more about the struggles they and their families face after they graduate from high school. Farrah wanted to use her time and skills to help with this problem and started HEART to fill the void in creative, stimulating, and community engaged services for adults with special needs. Farrah's vision with HEART is building strong community support for adults with special needs who want to develop and identify as artists, building a strong team of HEART Mentors, a financially sustainable infrastructure, and producing high quality and inclusive community art events. The longterm vision is to be a community that Charleston residents and visitors want to visit, volunteer, collaborate, and contribute to.


Becca "Rae" Weekes

Activities & Volunteer Coordinator

Rae was working with a group of adults with special needs where Farrah volunteered teaching yoga and joined Farrah in creating HEART. Rae wears many hats at HEART including managing the daily activities and volunteers. Rae is a dedicated and reliable friend to everyone at HEART. She is not afraid to jump in wherever needed and has everyone's best interest at heart. We all love having Rae's genuine heart guiding our day-to-day at HEART!


Quenby Keisler

Activities Facilitator

The HEART group was so lucky to bump into Quenby at Hampton Park one day and invited her to volunteer. Quenby immediately began volunteering with HEART every Tuesday and Thursday. Quenby's endless artistic talents began to reveal themselves and we were thrilled to hire her in July 2017 as HEART's first Artist Mentor. Quenby has made incredible art with the HEARTists not only because of her talents and abilities but also, her connection and relationship with each HEARTist. Today, Quenby is an all-around artist mentor at HEART. You can't put Quenby in a box, she transcends all artistic mediums. We are all so fortunate to have Quenby's love and talents at HEART!


Marisa Drake

Activities Facilitator

Marisa started as a dedicated HEART volunteer in 2016, immediately fitting into the HEART family. Marisa pays close attention to those that need her most. We were excited to be able to hire Marisa in 2018 to help run the day-to-day operations with the HEARTists. Marisa is a fun loving soul and cares deeply about the HEARTists. Everyone loves Marisa.


Mel Walker

Music Mentor

Mel started volunteering in 2017 , helping us get the HEART Radio Lab Choir off the ground. We were excited to hire Mel in 2018 to lead the choir and work with the HEARTists in groups and one-on-one teaching all things musical. Mel is a talented singer and musician. She has a soft and shy leadership that the HEARTIsts respond to well. We all love having Mel's sweet and gentle energy at HEART!



AT HEART, artists of all abilities create together in an inclusive environment.

this is where the magic happens.



Ryner Burg

One of our most dedicated and loving volunteers, Ryner is a genuine friend to everyone at HEART. She is not afraid to jump in wherever needed. Ryner brings fun and sweetness to everything she does. She has the best hugs and HEART's best interest at heart. We all adore "Rynie-B" and are so grateful to have her loving energy at HEART.



Our original business volunteer that's been with us since the beginning. Nina Magnesson of BT leads this group of volunteers and remains steadfast in their support of HEART. They provide us volunteers during the week, at events, and donate money to our campaigns. HEART is so fortunate to have this focused support and owe much of our success to BoomTown!


Kat Groiss

Kat has been working with HEART every Tuesday since 2016 as one of the HEARTists' personal tutors and an immediate asset to the HEART team. Kat is eager to roll up her sleeves and help wherever needed. She is a ball of fun and enthusiasm and always ready for an adventure. Kat is a natural at connecting people and campaigning for things she believes in. We are happy to have Kat in the HEART family!

Cobble Hill

Cobble Hill has been a dedicated business volunteer since 2017. They not only volunteer regularly during operational days, they also volunteer graphic design, work with us on side projects like business cards for the HEARTists and a mural design for the neighborhood. We also have plans on creating designs from the HEARTist's drawings. Cobble Hill even sponsors some of our events and sends volunteers to help us! We are so fortunate to have the support of this creative and giving team.


Eden & Noodle

Eden & Noodle are exceptional human beings and Charleston musicians in their own band, The Amazing Mittens and a bigger band, The V-Tones. They are HEART's neighbors, friends, and dedicated supporters. We love it when Eden comes to play and dance with us at HEART and having this dynamic duo perform with us on stage is an honor!


Tracy Wright

Tracy is a steady volunteer with a quiet and loving nature. She brings a kindness and empathetic spirit to HEART as well as a soft joy. Everyone loves it when Tracy is there helping us with anything from behavioral issues to being an extra in our performances. Tracy is a true friend to HEART and is not afraid to jump in wherever needed. We are very fortunate to have Tracy's support and presence.


Liz & Maisy

Liz and her daughter, Maisy are a cute team of help and support. Liz is teaching Maisy right as they are both kind hearted and want to spend their free time helping others. Maisy spends her summers helping HEART and one summer had a lemonade stand that raised money for HEART. We are so fortunate to have these two caring souls at HEART!