Visual Artist Mentor Program: Collaborative Portraits

HEART Artist Guild & Theatre Company for adults with special needs hired our first official Artist Mentor, Quenby Keisler and partnered with Redux Contemporary Art Center this past summer of 2017. HEART members, aka HEARTists are creating stunning collaborative art with Keisler using Redux’s inspirational classroom space. 

Love Frequency 2017 gallery consists of 17 portraits of the HEARTists and a large collaborative multi-media piece on wood titled, Love Frequency. The portraits are drawn by Quenby Keisler and she taught the HEARTists color wash and Zentangle-like pattern making to create their own torsos.  The large scale piece, Love Frequency was made with mural artist, Sarah Stewart. Stewart taught the HEARTists various methods and mediums to create smaller elements to fit into a larger concept. These collaborations created dynamic and engaging pieces. This is HEART's first professional gallery exhibition and we are all so proud of this work.


HEART Artist Guild & Theatre Company, a 501c3 non-profit, is a creative and adventurous family of artists, performers, and nature lovers. We are a model for inclusive programs where nature and city adventure, arts, and theatre are used to connect adults (21+) with disabilities and their communities. HEART members (aka HEARTists) are supported by community artist mentors in creating visual and performance art, go on nature and city explorations, and have great fun while making meaningful contributions to society.