Nicolàs Lyford-Pike


Nicolàs is a savant artist. He knows the constellations in the night sky on any given day, past or present. Nicolàs is also deaf but is the greatest communicator one could ever know. When Nicolàs has any free time, he draws (freehand) car wheels (imaginary and real) and constellations. We love having Nicolàs' sweet nature and brilliant talent at HEART.

Christian McInnis

Christian is a true genius. He is a walking encyclopedia and knows a vast amount of information on science and wildlife. Christian loves to read and is a good friend to others at HEART. He loves to perform, act, and sing. Christian is quick to get nervous but does not let that stop him from trying new things. Christian's talents surface everyday, he is full of great potential as an artist and performer. We love watching Christian discover his creative side at HEART!

Asher Maier


Asher is a bright and beautiful soul. He is smart, talented, and an amazing performer and singer. Asher is extremely sensitive, kind, and caring. He has a great commentator's voice and is full of wise and quirky "Asherisms". Asher is a big teddy bear and everyone loves him. Asher says his favorite thing to do is "make sure everything is just right" and we love having Asher keep us all centered at HEART! Unfortunately Asher moved and we miss him terribly at HEART. We will keep him up here because he will always be a HEARTist to us!

James Bethea


James is a character with a wonderful sense of humor. He is friendly, an attention seeker, clever, and charming. James loves country and pop music and enjoys singing at HEART. He loves taking photographs with his digital camera. When we can get James to draw, he has real talent. James is also a great narrator and loves performing for a crowd. 

Eliza Kerrison

If you look up adorable in the dictionary, you'll likely find a picture of Eliza and if not -- there should be. Eliza is a sweet and gentle soul who is typically shy but has a shocking theatrical side. She is fun and funny. Eliza is a great artist with a graphic designer eye. She is playful and game for anything! Eliza captures the heart of everyone she meets. We love having Eliza's playfulness and feminine energy at HEART!

Ryan Thornhill

Ryan is sweet, friendly, observant, and curious. Ryan makes everyone feel special with his kind words. He is healthy, active, and social. Ryan has good rhythm and enjoys performance art. He enjoys the outdoors, horse back riding, exercising, and being engaged in an activity. We love having Ryan's participation at HEART and he is a positive and loving influence on those around him.

Jimmy Miller

Jimmy is so many things wonderful including thoughtful, engaged, sincere, helpful, honest, athletic, creative, and gentle. Jimmy's girlfriend, Eliza comes to HEART too. They have been boyfriend and girlfriend since kindergarten. Jimmy is a talented artist and loves performing, singing, and dancing.

John Agostino

John is a gentle, sweet, and quiet soul. He excels at drawing and can color with both hands at the same time. John loves nature and animals and is happiest watching the ducks at the pond. John is mostly non-verbal. When he is happy, he lights up a room with his smile and laughter. We love having John's sweet energy at HEART!

Austin Livingston

Austin is a sweet, gentle, and quiet soul who is mostly non-verbal. He is an active and engaged participant at HEART. He loves going for walks at the park and playing kickball. Austin enjoys playing the djembe and riding the bike at HEART. He is helpful and offers support to staff and peers. We love having Austin's sweet nature at HEART!

Joey Iler

Joey lights up a room with his enthusiasm and friendliness. He is a wonderfully talented masseuse and would rub shoulders all day long if we let him. Joey is a wonderful artist, musician, and loves performing on stage. We love Joey's sweet spirit and watching him sing and dance is as good as it gets! Joey has never met a stranger and everyone who meets Joey, falls in love with him.

Stuart Barth

Stuart is a sweet soul and a pure joy to be around. He is our official time keeper and keeps us on schedule at HEART. He is smart and can put a complex 100 piece puzzle together in less than 20 minutes. Stuart is engaged and has a great attitude. He was our inspiration for making t-shirts transfers because that's all he has been wearing since he was a boy. He chooses images and his parents iron them on t-shirts for him. Stuart loves 1980's culture and reciting various tv dialogue, jingles, etc... Stuart doesn't talk much but when he does; he speaks well and with enthusiasm. We love having Stuart's style and delightful ways at HEART!